Wedding Invitation Format and Wedding Ceremony Format

One of the most popular and appealing fonts for wedding invitations is called Edwardian Script. This is a more formal and traditional script font that a quite popular wedding invitation font format. Etiquette rules are especially important with traditional invitations, and this includes how you word your wedding invitation. You can use a formal or traditional format for your wedding invitation wording. It is really up to you and the type of ceremony you are having. If it is a more traditional ceremony, you will likely want a more traditional wording format. Likewise, more of a casual ceremony would warrant more of a casual flair in your wedding invitation wording. Whatever the case, we have a number of verbiage options for you to choose from. All of the content is completely customizable so you are able to use your own wedding invitation wording if you are inclined to do so. Your wedding invitations are the first opportunity your guests will have to get a glimpse of the ceremony itself. That said, you will want to make a stunning first impression as well as provided pertinent information about the ceremony. The type of wedding invitation, be it formal, traditional, casual, or some alternative in between will dictate the type of ceremony they will be attending. There are many places to get ideas about invitation card designs. With literally thousands of invitations within our portfolio, you’re certain to find the perfect wedding invitations for your perfect day.